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Certified Tax Advisor Course

Certified Tax Advisor Course

Purpose of the CTA Uganda Course

The CTA Course is designed to produce competent tax advisors or experts who will contribute to the economic development of the country.

Objectives of the CTA Course

To equip learners with:

  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of taxation.

  • The ability to solve practical problems which draw on the interaction of different taxes as well as case law.

  • The ability to embrace professional ethics and efficiency in tax administration and practice.

  • The ability to promote and co-ordinate research for the advancement of taxation in Uganda

  • To register as a CTA student, one must have one of the following qualifications;

    1. Degree / Professional Qualification

    (a) A professional accountancy qualification.

    (b) A degree from a recognised institution of higher learning.

    Note: Anyone already registered on any other ICPAU course is not eligible for the CTA course until he/she completes that course.

    1. A student may sit for a minimum of one and a maximum of all the subjects at any Level at any one sitting.

    2. A student must complete a lower level of the syllabus before proceeding to the next level, unless one has a maximum of two (2) subjects at either Level I or Level II, which may be attempted together with some other subjects at the next level.​

    3. No student will be allowed to combine Business Accounting 1 - Paper 1 at level 1 and Business Accounting 2 - Paper 5 at level 2.

    4. Exemptions:

    • Exemptions may, on application by registered students, holding recognised qualifications,  be granted on a subject for subject basis.

    • ​ICPAU continuously reviews the exemption eligibility for various qualification whenever submitted by the awarding institution.​​

      5. Registration of students is continuous throughout the year.

    • Examinations for the year 2024 shall be held twice i.e. May and November. The table below shows the planned examination diets for CTA and other programs at ICPAU. 

    CPA Examinations Diet 2024
    • Apex Tax and Accounting School is recognised and approved by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) as a tuition provider for the CTA Professional Course in Uganda. We have been offering the CTA course from the day it was launched and produce the top performing students in Uganda.​

    • We offer three distinct methods of study/training for the CTA students;

    1. Evening Program

    Apex Tax and Accounting School is recognised and approved by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda

    2. Weekend Program

    This comprises of scheduled 3-hour lecture sessions from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    3. Self-paced Program

    This is perfect for participants who have a busy schedule and cannot attend physical and live interactive online classes. Participants get to enroll for self-paced courses with pre-recorded lecture videos, get access to unlimited resources such as lecture notes, lecture slides, tests, quizzes and mock examinations. Participants follow their own study schedule under our monitoring.
Download the student handbook

Download a FREE copy of the student information booklet to get more information about the fees payments and Exemptions.

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